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Amusing Enterprises is a sandbox for the ideas of these people. We're preparing to launch
a few quote sharing websites soon, as well as a line of nicely-priced greeting cards.

We'll have more answers soon. Right now we mostly have questions...

Devil InboxQ: Does Evil Dwell In Your Inbox? ↨
Has your inbox become a place of dread, anxiety, and hopelessness? We're here to help. Ironically, we plan to do this by offering to put MORE stuff in your inbox. "And just how" you ask, "can you possibly make my inbox better by putting more things in it?" Well, as Stalin said, "Quantity has a quality all its own."
Devil InboxQ: Can We Bring You A Little Sunshine? ↨
Yes, we can. Part of the problem is indeed quantity, as we mentioned above, but that's why we focus on quality. You'd be surprised by the positive impact of receiving a couple of carefully selected and amusing, informative, or inspiring tidbits in your inbox each day. Our cynical test users certainly were. Yes, there are scores of sites on the web like and ThinkExist that have massive collections of clever and inspiring quotes, but we carefully select our content to keep it interesting to bright, contemporary people like you. Voltaire did indeed say some interesting stuff, but we'd venture to guess that 90% of it is irrelevant to your day-to-day existence.
Devil InboxQ: Need Some Help With Cleaning? ↨
It's amazing how much less stressful a morning can be when your inbox is under control, and we'll soon be sharing some tools to do just that. Then you'll have room for the fun stuff we want to send you.
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