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Who Are We...
...and why are we doing this?

We hope that the answer to the question of who we are eventually includes you. We are just a few people who enjoy a good quote, witty conversation, and sharing novel ideas. As we develop this site, we plan to add ways for like-minded people to share their favorite quotes and humor, and in turn share it with others. If you haven't noticed, the world has been running at a slight humor deficit for a while now.

Yeah. but why are we doing this?

One day Hal asked Ian "You know that Word a Day guy? How hard would it be to do something like that, but do it with quotes and facts?" to which Ian replied "Not too hard, let's give it a shot", not really realizing what he was getting himself into. There are thousands and thousands of quotes out there to choose from, but you pretty quickly realize that the internet is sort of like the Wal-Mart of quotes. Everyone seems eager to round them up in one place, but no-one seems to be interested in keeping an eye on quality. We are. And we've elected to organize things into a few flavors.

We're in this for the money, aren't we.

We like money as much as the next person, but the simple answer would be "no". Unless there's suddenly some kind of "quote shortage" and we manage to corner the market, we don't imagine there's a ton of money in quote wrangling. But it is fun, and with a tool like Amusing Enterprises, we realized we might be able to spin off some of our idle chatter into some novelty products or something. Greeting cards are just one of many little tricks we have up our sleeves. Stay tuned.

Oh, that's right. You asked who we are. We're not the shadowy figures we appear to be below. We'll have better bios and headshots soon.


Ian has been working on projects involving anti-gravity, time travel, teleportation, and ending poverty on a global scale with rather limited success since 1961. He is also the best-selling author of books in a variety of fields including physics (Anti-Gravity: It Isn’t So Complicated, Really, 2003), economics (Money is a Really Dumb Concept, 2008), and food distribution (Are You Gonna Eat That? Cuz You Know Poor People Like Dinner Too, 2010).

In lighter moments he can be found cataloguing and commenting upon the entire Internet or fiendishly creating more pages for it for pay.


Hal may or may not be the legendary computer featured in the film 2001 - A Space Odyssey. This is irrelevant, as having a conversation with him is indistinguishable from having a conversation with an actual human being. Hal passes the Turing Test with ease.

In his spare time, Hal dreams up imaginary magic formulas in an ongoing attempt to derive the maximum possibile benefit from trading commodities. His actual avocation would be something more like "Marguerita-Fueled Alternative Health Nut"


Alyce has been busy studying animal biology, spirituality and the paranormal since childhood. She also has been on a quest to make women more beautiful and confident as an account executive at Chrsitian Dior. No joke.

Plagued for years by attention disorders, her real passion is completing her latest childrens book "Oh look a bunny!", a followup to her previous unfinished works "Goat Busters", "Ghostly Make Overs", "Speak Latin Pig", and "A Poltergeist Ate My Baby". Her favorite quote is "You never finish anyth..."

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