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Strange Solar System Facts

What goes ’round, comes ’round.

It was just over one year ago today that we first shared some quotes and facts. In honor of our 939 million mile journey around the sun at 66,000 mph, we’re taking some time off to implement some major site changes, and sharing some peculiar facts we picked up about the solar system on this last trip around the sun. We’ll be back in the next few weeks.

Contrary to what you learned in school, there are eight planets.

Because its axial tilt is more or less perpendicular to the other planets, each pole of Uranus gets around 42 years of continuous sunlight, followed by 42 years of darkness.

Saturn’s moon Titan is larger than the planet Mercury .

Venus rotates “backwards” compared to other planets.

Venus’s day is longer than its year. It takes 243 Earth days to rotate once, and 225 days to circle the sun.

It takes 30,000 years for the sunlight you see to today to make its way from the sun’s core.

Saturn’s density is so low that it would float on water.

Jupiter has 318 times the mass of the Earth, but spins so fast its “day” is only ten hours long.

Posted By:Admin January 13, 2012

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